Q. How old are you? 
A: 16

Q: How tall are you? 
A: 5'10''

Q: What camera do you use?
A: Sony Alpha A58

Q: Where do you live? 
A: London, United Kingdom

Q: What do you study?
A: I'm currently in Sixth Form studying English, Psychology, History and Geography

Q: What job would you like when you're older?
A: I just want to write, it's my passion!

A: Why do you have a blog? 
Q: I'm passionate about fashion, I also love to write, so this blog is a perfect outlet for my creative side

A: What will your future blog posts include? 
Q: As I'm new, I think I should let you know about my style of blogging. Hopefully I'll have fashion, beauty and general life entries on this blog. I hope to post one to two times a week

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